Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Curacao last to beginning of the 40th

We are starting from back and working up
(click on pics to bring them closer)
One of our beach family pics

Going Home.

MY Favorite ---Virgin Miami Vice


Jacob loved the hot tub

EliJah enjoying his ice-cream

OPA --smiling---after after the picture was taken

Dave "DA " man?

Maddy very willingly posed and loved the water

Cecile----i love this very sweet picture

Catrina and Linnea---best cousins and friends

More hot tubbing



Anna also loved the water

mama and papa---so in love
cecile her elastics from SinterKlass

i asked them to smile this is what i got---very very cute

All dressed up and ready to go to the disco

EliJah dancing and having lots of fun

Rose and Jacob

ALL the grandkids minus Josh and Cecile----I asked for the 4 girls and i got them all!!

The Meeder Family!!

papa giving a speech before the 40th anniversary meal

Hope you all enjoy these pictures...keep in touch next week there will be more.

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