Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Curacao last to beginning of the 40th --2

Waiting for maarten to try out the Trapeze---It was a Gorgeous Day!! Practise below before trying it.

Up he Goes!!

Rock Climbing---

Water Sports

Dave and Rob

Kirk ( another curacao traveller) and Maarten

Kids too

Other kids from Toronto Ontario and Holland

There goes Nicole

Well done Nicole

Blind folding game ---to find ping pongs with the instuction from pool guide Krazy-G.

Dave and "DAVE"---Steve

Wet the towel---pass it back---squeeze into pail----Nicole's team won by a smidge:)

Dave found a snail that if you waited came out of it's home/shell.
Mam and Papa had a VIP lounge and there were 2 computers and Josh and EliJah were on the Hot Whells sight---everytime a car reved up the 2 boys chanted "Wait for it","Wait for it",3x's then"GO" in big rough boy voices.....It was awesome because they were great Buds through this entire trip.

This is what Papa was doing when he was doing nothing.

Papa-enjoying some shade while Mama is snorkeling

Pool-table in the middle of pool. Here we are watching luggage go on. Here is our plane

Curacao 2

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