Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Curacao last to beginning of the 40th ---4--Scuba Diving w Stingrays and Meeting the Sharks and Sea Turtles

Turtle and sharks

The pelican i still have to check in my bird book for on the way up to the Sea Aquarium.

Walking into the sea aquarium

Sea Lion Encounter

This boat had rooms and offices in it They had a show on every 1/2 Hour and The Sea lion encounter was right around the corner from this tall Ship.The can of pop was 3 Gildas which was 2.25(?) US.

I wanted Cecile to stick her head in and pretend it was chomping on her head but for some reason she would not play along then she said i was totally not cool.Well i thought it would be an awesome gag picture....party pooper.

The instructor explaining things to Cecile.

Getting her gear on.

No matching flippers for Maart.

The instructor1st to go down then Cecile

The boat we went in to go down and see maart and cecile at the bottom

Look at those stingrays----the windows were hard to take picture from.

So proud of Cecile

Surrounded by schools of fish

On the other side there were dolphins.


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  1. Stunning photos. Every happiness to you and yours in 2010.
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