Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meeder Family Camping @ McGregor Point!!

Here we are setting up.If you want to see these pictures closer click on the picture.

Roasting marshmallows a tradiotional campfire favorite.lateron they had s'mores!!

The next day we did some biking then we went into town to hit the beach.

So here we are what a Goooorgeous day it was we had very few beach days this summer but enough all the same.
Nothing like building a sandcastle.

Mary-Grace So beautiful She just had her birthday.

Maart and EliJah hitting the waves.

Relaxing for a snack.

Rose a Month away from Having Jacob.

Papa and Rob catching up...Sarah catching some sun rays.

Mama and Papa rode their bikes from the campground to the beach.
Rob rode his bike from Orillia - McGregor Point and it only rook him 8 hrs....Way to go Rob.

Anna a year old and quite content.

Now Josh ....well Josh is a goer and does not stop.

Here we are ready to go back to the campground.
It was a beautiful day and the rain held out till the last day.

It was a perfect way to start off our summer ....And a perfect way to end off the school year!!!

Hope you were able to enjoy these pictures.
Have a GREAT Day!!

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