Monday, August 31, 2009

Hospital Visit & a 6th Birthday celebration for EliJah!!

Here is EliJah watching t.v.As long as the t.v. was on he was glued.

What a handsome boy. Just a day after his surgery.

They tried the IV 4 times in the hospital room and 2 more times upstairs then decided to use his made for walking to the bathroom challenging.

What a Handsome Boy!!

Aunt Monique ,Josh,Jacob,Nicole,and Linnea came to wish EliJah well brought a couple of presents which everyone was glad to help him use.He loved the visit and pointed to the window where he waved hi to Monique.

EliJah recieved alot of cards...THanks everyone forthinking of EliJah.

Into their art pictures which they hung up for EliJah right directly in front of his bed.

Jacob had fun being quite content playing with thomas the tank engine.He has such beautiful curls.

The girls came to visit and they were so happy to see him.Cecile was worried about him.She wanted to stay overnight with him.

Opa came to visit many times this Mam came with them.
She too was just in the hospital for the same thing Appendicitis believe it or not.So while pap was up visiting mam Papa came several times to visit EliJah!!

EliJah and Papa drew a picture together.EliJah told him what to draw and papa did so upside down...soooo talented.

Birthday breakfast in bed.
EliJah got a present from Catrina and opened hers first.

Then Cecile's

EliJah got wafles with 6 touches of syrop.

EliJah blowing out his cake.

An icecream cake for EliJah with 6 balloons.The girls at dairyqueen were glad to help put his name on the cake .EliJah has been a regular at DQ for 4 years and most of them know him well.He will not go there regularly anymore becasue EliJah is in Grade 1 NOW!!!!!

EliJah blowing out his candles.

ElIjah played hot and cold to find his present.
He needed a new bike.We will take it to pathways to get dave to put on some special training wheels.

Bringing back.We will buy him a horn this way we know where he is *wink* wink*.

Opa helping EliJah.

The tiny toad we found while i picked out weeds last week.

Hope you All Have a GREAT DAY!!

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